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The foothills of the Himalayas
are a mountain biker's paradise. World class rides are accompanied by breathtaking mountain vista's.

General Information About Biking in Nepal
Think of Himalayan Mountain Bike tours as if trekking-by-bicycle except you get to cover 3 or 4 times the territory in same time while maximizing your vacation time and holiday experience.

The foothills of the Himalayas are a mountain biker's paradise. World class rides are accompanied by breathtaking mountain vista's. You'll be in touch with centuries-old culture, fresh mountain air, great trails and of course the greatest range of snow-capped peaks in the world.... from K2 to Everest and Kanchenjunga.


Where Can You Bike in Nepal?
Biking in Nepal doesn't mean the equivalent of climbing Everest as tours are available for the casual cyclist through to the masochistic adventurer without compromising on the beauty of the trails and terrain.

Many rides include heart stopping downhills with kilometers of hairpin turns, lots of single tracks (off-road trails) that thread through emerald-green rice fields, remote village sanctuaries, river & gorge verges, pilgrimage power centers and sacred Hindu/Buddhist sites of the region. Itineraries lead you on secret trails and by-pass the trekkers trails whilst enter rarely visited pockets of Kathmandu Valley, Pokhara, Tibet and beyond.

Keep your eyes open and camera ready as you enter a time warp to capture images of timeless farming villages, hidden temples, ancient kingdoms teeming with gods, and the Terai jungles teaming with wildlife.

Festivals and colorful ceremonies abound throughout the year given there are more than 50 languages and 70 ethnic groups in Nepal alone.

What Should You Bring?
Much of what you should bring depends upon the type of tour your will choose. A one to three day trip around Kathmandu Valley with an agency will usually have all gear provided. Keep in mind, there are no 'real' biking shops or outfitters in Nepal; only agencies for trips. These places may be able to help you with parts and tune-ups, but supplies will be limited. For longer trips, bring the gear you would use in your own country to make your trip a more pleasant experience.

Can Bikes be Rented?
Many bikes are available for rental in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Prices vary according to bike quality and rental time ($1 a day and up). Bargaining is appreciated. A deposit is usually required but you are not required to give your passport (and this is not recommended).

Can You Bring Your Own Bike?
Yes, you may bring your own bicycle to Nepal. Note: shipping any expensive item into any Asian country can be a lesson in patient; like the fellow that received his bike minus the seat!

One way to avoid problems with customs officials asking for import duty is to explain that you are a tourist and the bike will leave the country with you. They may give you a receipt to include in your passport to make sure you do not sell your bike in the country, but rarely is this receipt asked for upon departure.

Motor Bikes in Nepal
Most of the motorbikes in Nepal are of the 100 to 150cc variety. If you're looking to do the Enfield tour (made popular in India), there are limited options although some bigger bikes are available. Bring your local license or international license to wave in front of the police. They'll have no idea what it is, but may look impressive enough to help you haggle in case you're stopped.

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