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Visitors can change money officially at banks and exchange counters authorized by the Nepal Rastra Bank.
Currency Exchange

The Nepal Rastra Bank (the National Bank of Nepal) determines the value of the Nepal rupee (Rs) against a 'basket of currencies' and fixes exchange rates against several currencies. Radio Nepal, Nepal Television, Nepali and English Newspapers all announce the rates every morning.


There is 100 paisa (p) in a rupee. Visitors can change money officially at banks and exchange counters authorized by the Nepal Rastra Bank. Hotels in Kathmandu and Pokhara are also licensed to change foreign currency; rates are almost the same as the bank. When you change money, be sure to get a receipt with the stamp of the bank or hotel.

Currencies and Credit Cards
You can carry either cash or travelers' cheques for your expenses in Nepal. Both American Express and Visa have refund facilities in Kathmandu. US dollars are the most acceptable. Banks are also happy with pound sterling, Australian dollars and most European currencies, although Scandinavian money is sometimes difficult to change.

Credit cards are also widely acceptable in Kathmandu, but are worthless in the hills. In you are an American Express card holder, you can get US dollar travelers' cheques with a personal cheque at the American Express office. Nepal Grindlays Bank can provide a cash advance in Nepalese rupees or US$ travelers' cheques against a Visa card, and the Nepal Arab Bank provides facilities for MasterCard.

Prices for hotel accommodation and airline tickets are quoted in US dollars and visitors are required to pay for these in foreign currency. Visitor must pay for tickets on domestic flights in foreign cash or travelers' cheques'. Royal Nepal Airlines does not accept credit cards.

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