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Shey Foksundo National Park is known
as the largest national park of Nepal within an area
of 3555 sq km.
Shey Foksundo National Park

Shey Foksundo National Park is known as the largest national park of Nepal within an area of 3555 sq km. This park was established in 1984 AD and is situated in the western mountain region covering parts of Dolpa and Mugu districts. Foksundo lake is also known as Ringmo lake, Nepal's second largest lake which has offered some additional interesting sites to the park. The lake is drained by the Suligad which falls from the height of 150m and it is also regarded as the highest waterfall of Nepal. The further observation of the interesting religion and preserving the unique trans-Himalayan eco system with its typical Tibetan type of flora and fauna are its proud specialties.


When To Visit?
It is favorable to visit this park during March-May (the spring season) although the high passes still remain covered with the winter snow. The park is located behind the main Himalaya Range. So it gets les affected by the monsoon. The alpine flowers can be seen in full bloom and dashing colors during this season. In the winter the temperature decreases to lower than 0C and the occasional heavy snowfalls block the trails for days uncertain.

What To See?

Due to the two different micro-climates the vegetation is found diversible in this park. The southern river valley along the Suligad Waterfall contains luxuriant forests with the Blue Pines, Spruce, Deodar, Cypress, Fir, Birch and Quercus species. But in the trans-Himalayan area it consists of a desert type of vegetation like the Dwarf, Juniper and Caraganas shrubs.

In the park, animal like the Blue Sheep, Himalayan Black Bear, Musk Deer, Serow, Wolf, Jackal, Himalayan Mouse, Hare, Yellow Throated Morten, Rhesus Monkey, Langur and Himalayan Weasel are commonly seen.

The birds commonly seen in this park are the Cheer Pheasant, Impeyan Pheasant, Blood Pheasant, Red and Yellow Billed Pheasant, Snow Patridge, Crow, Raven, etc.

How to Travel?
For the shortest and the easiest route, one can fly to Dolpa (Juffal) from Kathmandu, Pokhara or Nepalgunj by domestic flight. Then the day after trek to Suligad Post. From Suligad Post trek for three days to reach the Park's headquarter called Sumduwa. Or fly to Jumla and follow an adventurous seven day trek. The route to get to the Park starts from Dhorpatan by crossing over the high passes before reaching the district headquarters of Dolpa district called Dunai.

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