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Sagarmatha National Park
and Royal Chitwan National Park are the two Natural World  Heritage Sites of Nepal
World Heritage Sites - Naturally

UNESCO has listed two out of many natural sites of Nepal in the list of world's heritage sites. Sagarmatha National Park and Royal Chitwan National Park are the two natural heritage sites of Nepal.

Royal Chitwan National Park
Now a days the Chitwan National Park stands spread over an area of nine hundred and thirty-two square kilometers (632 sq. km.) as a successful research center of nature conservation in South Asia. This park is situated in the tropical and sub-tropical inner Terai lowlands of southern central part of Nepal. The park consists of the Churia hills, flood plains of the Rapti ox-bow lakes, Deu and Narayani rivers. The lower but much rugged Someshwor hills occupy most of the western portion of the park. The flood plains of Chitwan are rich in alluvial. The park boundaries have been delineated by the Narayani and the Rapti rivers in the north and west, the Deu river and Someshwor hills in the south and south-west and the eastern border with Parsa Wildlife Reserve.


Firstly, the Chitwan valley was famous for the big games due to lowlands and being exclusively managed as a hunting reserve by the Rana rulers and their member till 1950. In 1963, the area south of the Rapti was demarcated as the Rhinoceros sanctuary. In 1970, King Mahendra had graciously approved in principle the creation of Royal Chiwan National Park.

Sagamatha National Park
Sagarmatha National Park, spreading over an area of 1148sq km is the home of some of  the well known peaks of the world like Lhotse, Nuptse, Pumori, Ama Dablam, Thamserku, Kantayiga and Gyachungkeng besides housing the world's highest peak "Sagarmatha" or "Mt. Everest" of altitude 8848 m above the sea level. The quadrant it virtually occupies pictures 87ºeast and 288ºnorth. Keeping in mind the cultural and environment importance of Sagarmatha and its surrounding reason, Sagarmatha National Park was established in the year 1976 AD.

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