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Bhairahawa or also known as
Siddhartha Nagar is located near the far western border to India.

Brief introduction to Bhairahawa city:
Bhairahawa or also known as Siddhartha Nagar is located near the far western border to India. It is about 260 KM west from Kathmandu. Summer and Winter temperatures of the city are 35 to 38, and 10 to 27 respectively. City being located near the Border of India and Nepal, it plays an important role in the import and export business. It is also the gateway to the birth place of Lord Buddha, the Lumbini Zone. The main airport located in this region connects many cities and towns such as Butwal and Tansen which do not have their own airport.


How to get there?
Bhairahawa is linked with Kathmandu by Road and Air. Reach Bhairahawa by a 30 minute flight from Kathmandu for about Rs 2000 or by a 7 to 8 hour long drive for about Rs 200.

Some of the major tourist attractions in Bhairahawa

Being located near the Indian border Sunauli, Bhairahawa provides easy shopping experience to Indian tourists who come here crossing the border located just a few miles from Bhairahawa. For many Indian tourists, Bhairahawa becomes a final stop over for shopping before leaving Nepal after their pilgrimage tours to many destinations in Nepal. Goods made in China are popular shopping items here.

Ride bike from Butwal to Bhairahawa or from Bhairahawa to Butwal for an excellent biking experience of 23 KM with unique opportunity to see peoples and places up-close in this Terai region of Nepal.

Gateway to Lumbini
Take a bus and head to Lumbini to visit the birth place of Lord Buddha.

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More than anything else, Nepal is best known for mountaineering.

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