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Birgunj is a main entry point to
Nepal from India for routes such as Calcutta and Patna.

Brief introduction to Birgunj city:
Birgunj is situated about 3 KM from the Indian northern border Raxaul. It is a main entry point to Nepal from India for routes such as Calcutta and Patna. Majority of all the foreign goods shipped to Nepal by sea go through Calcutta-Haldia Port to Raxaul to Birgunj then reach to main cities like Kathmandu. Hence Birgunj is an important land entry point for goods to Nepal.

Apart from a few tourists who actually go to Birgunj to see the city, the city is simply taken as a stop over place for travelers, businessmen and pilgrims going to other destinations in Nepal. But spending a day or two at Birgunj is recommended, and is worth it, to discover another taste of Terai of Nepal.


The population of Birgunj is about three hundred thousand (300,000). Many multi lingual and multi ethnic groups can be found in this city. People here speak many languages such as the Nepali, Maithili, Newari. Hindi(Indian language) is also quite common here. Birgunj is a very popular place to know about the way of life of Terai Region.

How to get there?
Birgunj has a railway to Raxaul, so it is connected to many cities in India. It is also connected to Kathmandu by several air flights a day. The Airport is at Simara, about 20 km from Birgunj. Air flight from Kathmandu is Simara about 20 minutes. Birgunj is also well connected by road to all cities in Nepal, and the City offers many choices in luxurious to economic accommodations for travelers.

Some of the major spots to visit in Birgunj

  1. Shankar Acharya Gate
  2. Buddha Chaitya
  3. Durga Temple
  4. Ghadiharwa Pokhari
  5. Clock Tower
  6. City Hall
  7. Goddess Gadi Mai temple at Kalaiya town (13km from Birgunj)

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