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Butwal is only 26KM from the Indian
Border and about 22 km from Bhairahawa, and Tansen is about 36 KM away from Butwal.

Brief introduction to Butwal city:
A small city of about eight thousand hector square in area, situated on the low-altitude flat-land (Terai) near the border side to India, is a home to eighty thousand Nepalese of different religion, language, ethnicity and identity. Butwal connects Bhairahawa city, Tansen town, and Narayanghat city through different highways. Butwal is only 26KM from the Indian Border and about 22 km from Bhairahawa, and Tansen is about 36 KM away from Butwal.

Butwal is known for commerce, industries and agriculture. It has Nepal's second largest horticulture business, and has more than one thousand industries and business enterprises employing over four thousand people. The Tinahu river waters Butwal's flat land, and many farmers use under-ground water system for drinking and supplying water to their farms. Many farmers here have embraced integrated farming, and schools and universities in this region continue to grow. Rice, Wheat, Bean, and Beaten Rice are popular agriculture produce. Many of such produce are equally imported from India and sold to major cities such as Kathmandu, Pokhara.


How to get there?
Fly from Kathmandu to Bhairahawa and then drive from Bhairahawa to Butwal, or drive all the way to Pokhara to Butwal or from Narayanghat to Butwal. Many tourists chose to visit Butwal after visiting Lumbini, the Birth Place of Bouddha. The airfare from Kathmandu to Bhairahawa is about Rs 2000, and a bus ticket from Bhairahawa to Butwal is about Rs 10, and a bus ticket from Kathmandu to Butwal is about Rs 200.

Some of the major spots to visit in Butwal:

Birendra Park
Visit weekly open markets (now open on Wednesday and Saturday) that takes place near the Park. During the Butwal Haat (Bazaar), witness the color of grains, seeds, vegetables and kitchen utensils and a crowd of people buying and selling. The park has abundant flowers and greenery garden, and is an ideal place for picnic and a favorite hangout destination for lovers.

Purano Butauli Bazaar
The Tinau river divides the new and old (Purano) bazaar while two suspension bridges, one located at Pulchok and the other located at Haat Bazaar, connect the new and old bazaar. Cross the river to visit Ganesh Mandir, Narayan Temple, Buddhist Monastery, and Padma Chaitya Vihar. The Monastery is busy during Buddha's Birthday known as `Buddha Jayanti', during which time, thousands of pilgrimage pouring into the Lumbini region also visit this Monastery.

Manimukunda Park
Visit Akhileshwor Mahadeva temple near the Manimukanda Park, a popular temple for praying and for holding marriage ceremonies. Today in Nepal, temples are favorite spots to get married at as it helps to prevent waste of money on show-off parties and dowry.

Siddhababa Temple
The temple is located 1 Kilometer from Butwal, on the Siddhartha Highway to Tansen and Pokhara. Visit this temple to worship, and also to get an awesome view of the Tinau River.

Nuwakot Hill Top
Climb the Nuwakot Hill Top (890 meter), located at north east of Butwal. Get breathless views of Himalayan range including Machapuchare in North and views of the Lumbini and Terai region from Butwal to Bhairahawa.

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